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connecting offline to onlineYou ever get the feeling you want to deliver so much value to the world? That itch, that bug–that exciting feeling of creating something that other people will love? I kinda feel like that–and by kinda I mean very much so and all the time!

For those that have my same sentiments as above, you also like me are always searching and scouring your imagination for that revolutionary solution to a common problem. Although I’ve written out or at least thought many ideas were worth pursuing, I think we finally got one that has sticky potential.

We call it ConnectStrong.

In 7 words or less, ConnectStrong is: Connecting offline customers to your online presence. That’s what it’s all about.

You see, in the marketing world, we spend so much time developing the online presences for businesses, persons, places or things. And you may even focus on online strategies for acquiring online leads through SEO or paid methods. But what about all those offline current/potential customers that may use you frequently or may have used you once, that still aren’t connected to your online presence? If they use you frequently yet you aren’t connected, then you could be missing out on many word-of-mouth or connection-on-social-network opportunities. If I like/follow a brand, I’m more likely to share or retweet something about that brand to my friends.

Social networks aside, brands still need to gain user-generated-content (UGC) about them. Reputation and authenticity are becoming increasingly more important and meaningful. Why trust algorithms when we could make decisions from opinions of real people and family/friends? The need to provide the platform for your customers/fans to easily and conveniently review you is evident.

Building your tribe/community and a solid, user-generated, reputation should be your priority in your marketing and growing objectives.

The gap from offline to online, from analog to digital, from physical to logical, is there. And we, through ConnectStrong, aim to bridge that gap through trust, reason and convenience.