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Success through VulnerabilityOver sometime now, I started questioning why people are successful–I was looking more than the usual “they worked hard” answer. ¬† Now successful is vague, but in any¬†endeavor–relationships, health, business, religion, etc– I think we can say there are people who are¬†successful, who stand out¬†and become examples for the masses. My question rephrased, what is at the core of those people who stand out?

As a big believer in and¬†enthusiast¬†of TED, I listen/watch new talks often. Thankfully, I stumbled upon¬†Brene Brown’s TEDTalk on Vulnerability¬†(I give credit to my sister for pointing this specific talk to me first). Watching Brene discuss her years of¬†research¬†and¬†summations of countless records from respondents, I became fixated as I felt the root of major problems in my life were being exposed. (Btw if you haven’t seen this video, do so now. And if you don’t like it, I’ll give you you’re money back–guaranteed! ūüôā

After digesting Brene’s talk and evaluating my question of what is at the core of successful people, I think the answer was clear–vulnerability. Now, most definitely hard work, faith and opportune time can make someone’s success skyrocket, but the catalyst for success is initiated by putting oneself out there–namely, to be vulnerable to the internal and external forces of your actions.

To not raise your hand to comment, to not startup a business, to not get in front of a crowd to give a speech, to not say “I love you”, to not put yourself in uncomfortable situations, ¬†to not invent a product for the public, to not ask for reviews,¬†to not promise, etc. is to not get vulnerable. The people who are successful in any endeavor are the ones who got vulnerable, and threw themselves out there.

In regards to love, I think Simon Sinek shared a quote that said it best:

And in regards to just about everything else, Seth Godin gave wonderful tips here.

As with most advice or discipline we may receive, it’s much easier stating what needs to be done versus doing what needs to be done. However, just like when knowing your enemy’s attack you can defeat him, knowing the cause of your inaction will also allow you to defeat it.

I find I tell myself, “It’s time to get vulnerable!” a lot more now.